Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So this week has been a big one. Caleb and I ventured to Fort Rucker, Alabama, which will become our new home in June for the next 2 years or so. He is there now enduring WOCS (Warrant Officer Canidate School) and will become a W1 in June.

Fort Rucker is located in Southeast Alabama and takes about 7 hours from Columbia, SC to get to. The trip is very scenic with farmlands and old plantation sites seen on the way. We will most likely be living in Enterprise which is a small town that borders a third of Fort Rucker. It is definitely a military town, but I really liked the area. I'm looking forward to small town living and the fact that Panama City is just about and hour south is awesome. We also found out that the area is known for its good fishing and hunting, not mention helicopter pilots.

Our last night in Enterprise, Caleb and I took a quiet, and I mean quiet, stroll around Main Street. This was about 9pm and we saw about 5 cars pass. I'm sure we looked like deranged tourists which is probably not seen often in this area, but my wonderful husband fulfilled my camera itch. This is a monument that is in the middle of Main Street showing a goddess holding a boll weevil (a bug) that infested the area's cotton crop which is was solely dependent on. The loss of the cotton that year forced the community to invest in other things to sustain its economy, so the town is grateful to the boll weevil. And now you know.

Here, he is standing in front of a building painted to show the history of the town.

This is a model chinook. This helicopter is used for transporting troops, artillery, and/or supplies to the battlefield. It can pick up some pretty fast speeds from what I hear as well.

And this, is mine and Caleb's amazing appetizer, barbecue chicken nachos...MMMMMMMMM


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