Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Day in the Life

I thought this was interesting and thought you might also.

The following schedule is an example of a typical day for a WOC (Warrant Officer Candidate) at the WOCS:

0545 First call, physical training uniform,

prepare for inspection.

0552 Physical Training formation.

0700 Return to billets for personal hygiene and

preparation of common areas for inspection.

0730 Breakfast formation.

0830 Academic instruction.

1230 Lunch.

1320 Academic, unit instruction, and leadership


1700 Retreat formation.

1830 Evening meal.

1915 Personal preparation time--work on your

personal living area, prepare for inspection.

2015 Academic study hour--work at your desk.

2115 Common area detail hour--clean everything.

2215 Personal hygiene.

2245 Lights out.

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