Thursday, September 20, 2012

I know I whine a lot about working so much, and I promise that I do feel very blessed to even have a job and have food to eat and a roof over my family's head.  Being away from home also makes me cherish the time I have at home even more.  With that said, when I'm not taking photos or catching up on house work, I'm having fun with my two favorite people - Caleb and Emmy.  And while Caleb is not one to be very fond of the lens, Emmy can't escape it.  HA ha HA (that's a evil mom laugh - you know that one!).

So, here are a few photos that I managed to catch of Emmy in the past week. 

The neighbors got a new dog and it is just Emmy's size.  The other evening we mingled with them while Emmy and the new pup ran around playing.  She had a blast.

I wish I knew what she was thinking here.

As far as photography goes, this is a horrible photo, but I love her sweet face in it!

OMGOODNESS!  Such a cutie!

I love spending every minute I get with her, and after work tomorrow I get 4 days to run errands, praise God, workout, try a few projects from Pintrest and catch up on some editing.  Life is good!

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