Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Big Surprise

For about three weeks I had to keep a secret from my roommate.  It was hard, but I'm so glad I didn't let anything slip, because the result was awesome!  

A few days after Caleb left, my roommate's husband (and a long-time friend of mine and Caleb's) was coming into town and wanted to surprise Crissy.  Having to plan the surprise via email and not knowing when Brandon would actually get home was challenging, but it worked out.  

The plan was for him to be waiting inside when Crissy and I got home.  So I had her go out to dinner with me so Brandon could get settled at home.  Crissy and I drove separately because she came to the restaurant straight from work so I got home a few minutes before her which was perfect!  

I met her outside so we could get groceries out of the car together (and I could be behind her when she walked in the door).  

When we walked in only one light downstairs was on, so Brandon was hidden in the darkness.  As we entered the kitchen I heard Crissy gasp and I turned the lights on as she dropped everything in her arms and ran to him.  

Apparently, with the lights off, at first she thought he was an intruder, which scared her and as the lights came on and she realized who is was, relief came over her and all she could do was run to his arms and cry her little eyes out. 

I could not stop smiling and Crissy could not stop crying!  It was rather hilarious.  

I love how big Brandon's smile is!!!

This is what the floor looked like after Crissy realized who it was and dropped everything to run into the arms of her husband!!!

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