Friday, July 16, 2010

When I was...

So I was up early this morning feeding Emmalyn and getting a lunch ready for Caleb as he headed into work.  As I sat down to munch on some breakfast I started flipping through the tv channels.  However, with it being 5 am there was not too much to choose from.  I stumbled across a show on MTV called, When I Was 17 where artists, actors, and athletes share stories from, you guessed it, when they were 17.  So, I decided in my attempt to fight boredom until the next feeding I would adopt a blog segment based on this idea.

When I was 17...

I drove a 1995 Chevrolet Beretta - red, 5 speed and I actually LOVED this car, until the engine literally blew up on me

I was senior class president - My dad helped me print stickers to get me elected and all of my friends colored and handed them out in the mornings before classes started.

I taught a few ballet classes and choreographed my first dance with about 12 dancers - I've never been the best dancer but love it for exercise.  However, choreographing was a challenge that I loved.  Finding the right music and moves and planning stage symmetry and then seeing it all come together on stage was exhilarating!

I was planning my first year of college with my best friend, Sarah.  We roomed together in the dorms our freshman year and had a blast meeting new people and being independent.  I remember having so much fun the first week decorating our room with fabric and pictures, late nights writing papers and trying to understand chemistry, long talks with our hall friends and marshmallow fluff.

I was a photographer and writer for our school yearbook.  Us "yearbookers" thought we ruled the school on the day that the annuals were distributed.  It was always excited to see people rummaging through the 400+ pages of pictures and memories that had been top secret all year!

So there you have it...8 years ago today I turned 17 and what a great year it was!

Kayla : )

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