Friday, July 9, 2010

Life Lately

Life with Emmalyn so far has a main goal of getting through the day.  When a person is running on four 1.5hr naps a day the days start to go by very slowly and not much gets done.  I'm trying everyday to be a little more efficient than the day before but I'm also not too worried about it because never again will I be able to spend this much time with Emmalyn and give this much of my attention.  However, to help the time go by a little faster and to get my mind off of the pile of clothes I'm stuck folding while my daughter naps I've been watching the Lost series.  Okay, I realize I'm a little behind the times, but Caleb and I love watching TV shows from dvd because we bypass the commercials.  I'm loving the show so far, although we are only 4 episodes into season 2.

On Tuesday, Emmalyn took her first bottle.  I had heard and read to not let her get too old before introducing her to a bottle because some babies won't take any nipple but their mom's.  However you are also not supposed to introduce bottles too early to breastfed babies because it can cause nipple confusion so I toyed with the idea of when was best.  I love being the only person who can feed my daughter, but it would be nice to have a date with my husband or see a movie sometime without worrying about when she would need me for her next feast.  I was really nervous but Emmalyn did so well.  However, a friend fed her the other day and she donned a look of confusion because she was drinking, yet she was not looking at my face on the other end of the source.  Rather funny.  

Below are a few pictures from a little photo shoot I put her through.  I love those eyes!

Playing around

Finally got tired.

Kayla : )

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