Monday, July 5, 2010

A stray, cousins, and a graduation

The past week has been rather packed with so much going on.  On Monday Caleb, Emmalyn, and I were headed to see a friend and run some errands when Caleb spotted a stray kitten in a puddle in the middle of the road.  We took her home and fed her but since Caleb is allergic to cats she had to stay in the garage until we figured out what to do with her.  Luckily, our friends, The Waldos, found her a home with some friends of theirs, but I think I might miss her just a little bit.

On Wednesday, Caleb and I ventured out on our first long distance trip since having Emmalyn.  We drove to Fort Benning to meet me rest of the Wilkes family for Caleb's brother's graduation from basic training.  Dan, Caleb's brother, was the platoon leader for most of the 10 weeks and is now off to Officer Candidate School for further training.  In the picture below he is the one holding the flag.

Once graduation was over and we all had food in our bellies, the whole family sat around asking Dan questions and listening to his BCT experiences, all while his two very proud children sat as close as they could to their daddy the soldier.  Too sweet!

While in Georgia we stayed in cabins that the base rents out.  All of the cousins were there and they all loved Emmalyn (aka Poco).  They wanted to rock her, hold her, listen to her cry, and I got asked a ton of questions about things like, when she would be able talk and what she eats.  It was so sweet to see all five of the older cousins pay such close attention to her.  At one point they were all crowed around her and started singing "You Are My Sunshine" to her over and over again.  It was one of the sweetest sounds and awesome pictures that I've experience in a long time.

Here is Micah holding Emmalyn.  I love how she is looking at him talk to her.

Laurel and Emmalyn sat together for such a lone time.  Our Lolly has such a kind soul.

And the oldest in our clan, Lynsey, looked like a pro holding Emmalyn.  

I just thought this face was funny.

One of the coolest things about the cabin park were the deer.  They almost seemed domestic.  They were everywhere and didn't mind you getting close.  The picture is not the best because it was getting dark and I was riding in the car, but trust me, it was pretty awesome.  

I'll post pictures from the 4th of July soon.

Kayla : )

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