Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Visit Back To SC

This past weekend, Caleb and I took our first trip to South Carolina as visitors. A bit strange, but we were welcomed well and it felt great to see family. The purpose of the trip was to go to 3 different events...all scheduled for the same day. 1 - a baby shower for Owen Brodrick (the mom is my best friend's sister and due ANY DAY). 2 - The Skelly/Price wedding. Brandon is in flight school with Caleb and a long time family friend, not to mention goof ball! Of course the wedding was a blast, because to be with Brandon for a lifetime, meant God had to make a pretty special woman...I love you Crissy!
And last, but not least, a shower for our good friends, Bethany and Brandon. They are getting married on July 18 (2 days after my birthday -fyi) and Caleb is the best man and I am the second shooter for the wedding. Kind of nervous and excited, plus...its about time for these two! So, enjoy the pictures from the weekend!

Linds and her grandmother awing at how BIG she is! Hopefully Owen will make and appearance soon!

Brandon and his bride, Crissy, entering the reception representing the aviators!

The full rainbow Caleb and I saw after leaving the reception

Brandon, admiring his bride-to-be while she explains something about the couples game we were about to play

Beautiful picture of Bethany

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