Sunday, June 7, 2009

Caleb is an Army Warrant Officer

The anticipation is over. My husband is a warrant officer! I went to Fort Rucker for a week to get accustomed to the area before calling it my home and the end result was riding 7hours in a car with my husband that I had not seen in 7 weeks and was now an officer. I am so proud of him! The week long preparation, which wives are encouraged to be a part of, made me feel like I had accomplished something too. So, as always, a few pics of the week.


3 Wilkes brothers

You can tell he's relieved.

Getting pinned by his Dad and me. Never thought I'd "pin" my husband (for all you wrestling folks :)

Micah and me playing on the top bunk at Jay and Kerri's house where we crashed for the week. Crowded, but a blast!

I would also like to say congrats to another graduate, Sarah Ayer! Way to go girl! I wish you the best in college! My God prosper in you as you grow in your art!

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  1. Congratulations to you both! So glad to see how God is working in your lives. Good times, Wilkes, good times.


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