Thursday, January 16, 2014


My second born daughter is four months old now.  It has been a long and short four months.  The most challenging and happiest four months.  I figured it was time to do an update on my current youngest child for me to remember how she has grown without losing the memories through my sleep deprived state of being. 

Elana is such a happy baby.  I'm really not just saying that because she is my kid, but she really is happy.  Her smile is HUGE and very contagious.  She doesn't like to be alone and will cry out if she isn't in the presence of others and she loves to let you know that she is around by cooing and babbling often, so I'm gathering that she will be a social butterfly, unlike her sister.

As I am anxious to see what her personality will be like, but I also don't want to rush the growing process.  I love her being little and wish I could keep her that way.  

Currently, Elana is not sleeping through the night.  I'm working on it.  We had her four month appointment a few days ago and I wanted to wait until then to start her on rice cereal.  So far, she LOVES it, but I'm still waiting on the sleeping benefits.  Maybe she is just going through a growth spurt now too, but being woken up three times at night is no fun.

She is getting much better with her trunk control and using her hands more and more. 

What I love most about having Elana, is seeing her and Emmy interact.  The way Elana watches Emmy is heartwarming.  Emmalyn has no idea how much she is adored by her sister.  I love how Emmy has taken on her role as big sister.  She loves to read to her sister, show her new toys, take baths with her, help get her dressed, and is constantly telling her sister how much she loves her.  Never having a sister myself to grow up with, I'm enjoying the view. 

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