Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Recent Happenings

So, it's been a while since I posted last.  I feel like every time I post, I talk about how busy I've been, and I'm sure each of you are just as busy.  

In the past few weeks we have, celebrated Caleb's 28th birthday along with Easter, transitioned Emmy out of the crib and into a "big girl" bed, spent time with the Skelly's while Baby Blythe made her debut, did some spring cleaning, worked on some ideas for the baby's nursery in between editing photo shoots, and of course working (which I feel like is all the time!).

This is Emmy before going into church on Easter.  I'm a bad mom and only got this photo in her dress on Easter because of a spilling incident at lunch and of course some random dude's backside is photo bombing it.  She did look so cute though.

And this is Emmy's new "big girl" bed.  She loves it.  Caleb has been dreaming of her having a bed like this for months and planned on building it himself... until we found the exact model he was going to build at a consignment furniture store near us.  Caleb just painted it white to match the rest of the furniture in her room.  The rocker will eventually go in the new baby's room, but until we move and have more room, this is where it has to stay.

And the biggest news of the last few weeks, is Baby Blythe Kay Skelly being born.  I was working the day of the induction and my boss was kind enough to let me run upstairs every couple of hours to check on things and get some photos of the events.

I was so happy to be able to be with both the Price and Skelly families as they saw their new granddaughter for the first time.

And I was even more excited to help my dear friend Crissy with Blythe's first feeding.  She did great and has continued to do well with nursing.

At the end of my shift, Caleb and Emmy met me so that we could go see the Skelly's as a family. Emmy was SO excited!

I can't wait to take newborn photos of this beauty later this week.

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