Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Babies are great.  They are small, helpless, cute, and sleep a lot.  I mean, who doesn't love a baby?  As they grow older they get better.  Personalities start to shine through and the love for them grows with them.  I know I'm a relatively new mom (at just 2.5 years of experience), but as I think about Christmas this year and trying to wrap my head around the true meaning of Jesus' short earthly life I can't help but think about Mary, Joseph, and God. 

Being a parent myself puts the fact that Jesus was a baby into perspective.  I mean, before I became a mom it was just nice to think of Jesus as one of us - starting life out as helpless as the next babe, and learning just as we all have.  But now, thinking of God, and how he meticulously planned for His son to be born as the small, helpless, cute, human that everyone loves to dote on, just to know that even before life outside the womb, he would die a brutal death without any fault of his own, I'm amazed at his strength.  It also kind of puts into perspective how selfless and loving and emotionally strong our maker truly is.

I cannot fathom thinking of raising Emmy and loving her for her so long, only to know that she would be hurt or killed in any way.  I can't think of anything more heartbreaking than losing a child, much less having to watch it. 

However, this does excite me.  Because, if God was willing to put to death Jesus, for the sake of his earthly children, then the place He is preparing for us in Heaven is going to be so awesome.  I'm excited to give Emmy her Christmas presents and I've only been planning those for about 2 months and God has been planning/preparing Heaven for His children for centuries.  And He's GOD.  I'm in tears from being so overcome with aweness and gratitude for what my God has done and is doing for me. 


One more thing, I'd really like to know what it was like to raise a sinless child.  So, she had to give birth in stable on spiky hay, with no help from modern medicine, but I bet the toddler years with Jesus were a breeze!


  1. That last sentence cracks me up because I literally was just thinking about that the other day! About how Jesus was as a toddler and how easy it must have been for Mary! I guess it takes a mommy raising a toddler to have that thought during this time of year! :)

  2. love your blog! new follower


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