Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On January 16, 2010, the day before our little family moved from Alabama to South Carolina we had Emmalyn's dedication at our church, Grace Place Church.  Since being married this is the only church we have been members of and we loved being a part of such a great body of believers.  Our pastor, Donny, is and ex chaplain and actually funny.  Pator Donny was so gracious to allow Caleb's dad, Terry, to head the dedication.  He has done all of his grandchildren's dedications and it was so special to have him do Emmalyn's.

After church we had a party to celebrate at the Skelly's house (since ours was packed full of boxes).  All of the friends that became so dear to us in the past two years were there.  It was such a perfect bittersweet day.  Everyone knew we would be leaving the next day, so our time together was so special.

This is Emmalyn and me with my very first Fort Rucker friend, Emily.  She is an amazing artist and has such a sweet heart that makes her beautiful inside and out.

And here is our yoga crew.  Erica (far right) is our instructor and has made me love yoga!

And here is the beautiful Liz Bain with Emmy.  I did her engagement photos with Thomas the day before.  You can view them here.

Emmy with Sarah, we are praying God blesses her and her husband with a child somehow, soon.

The Wilkes Clan

I LOVE that happy face!!!

And with her Godmother!

Bible study girls!

Emmy and our awesome Pastor, Donny.

I love being home.  I'm a hometown girl, but God has chosen a different life for me than I would have and I know that it has made me grow a trust him more.  On the way home from Emmalyn's party we were all quiet in the car (well, Emmy was asleep : ).  But after a while Caleb mentioned how scared I was to leave SC and start new in a place I really didn't want to go.  I was concerned that we would make no friends, that my depression would resurface, but God knew better.  I'm so happy that we became so close with the people we did in Alabama and am very glad to know so many around our country.  
So much changed for my little family while we were at Fort Rucker and as we start a new year in SC I know I'm a better person and we are a closer family that trusts God more.

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  1. so sad i missed this but glad you are home and had such a great experience in alabama! love you!


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