Saturday, January 22, 2011

7 Things About Growing up - in the 90's :)

So, there is a tag party going on in blogville.  My bestie, Ashley from run with me participated and tagged her readers.

So here's my top 7 most memorable things about growing up

1. I was a total Lisa Frank junkie!

2. Making stupid movies with my friend's parent's video camera.  We did game shows and talk shows and fashion shows - Oh to watch those videos now :)

3. Going to dance class after school almost every single day.  I loved it!

4. When I spent the night with friends in middle school we would talk to boys on the phone - which I wasn't allowed to do at my house

5. I hate to admit it, but I had a ton of barbies!  I loved making up stories of them being whatever career choice I had in mind at the time - teacher, veterinarian, nurse, mom;  sometimes I would even make my brother play and be the husband or the kids

6. DISNEY movies!  I could sit and watch disney movies all the day long as a child.  My brother and I would quote them constantly and now it is so much fun to watch one every now and then and remember how much fun we had

7. On Saturdays my mom had to work so my dad would let my brother and I take every pillow and blanket in the house and make a fort in the living room.  We made some mack daddy forts!  We would read with flashlights in there, play games and even have picnics!

I know you guys thought this was so interesting, but I am excited about having my own child now and watching Disney movies with her and making forts.  We will try to hold her off on calling boys for awhile though : )

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  1. I think I laughed at every single one of these....and I think we would have been childhood besties too if we'd known each other...Barbies and living room forts? heck yes!


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