Friday, March 13, 2009

The Wilkes Adventures


The weekend is finally here and what a week this has been. I went to the zoo on Monday with my niece, Anna, nephew, Micah, and Caleb's parents. This was a very eventful "adventure" and we learned even more about the precious children.

Anna apparently loves the sound that monkeys make. All she wanted to do was watch them and attempt to mimic their whooping noises....very comical. She also really enjoyed the farm animals was not scared at all to touch them.

Micah loved seeing "Nemo" and "Dory" at the aquarium and had a ton of fun with his best friend, "Bop" (Caleb's Dad).

We also had a small birthday party for Alecia (their mom) and Micah was in charge of putting the candles on the cake...I won't tell you how many there were : ) He really enjoyed having the responsibility and took it very seriously as you can see in the picture.

To make this post somewhat worth your time, I'm just going to list the other things that we did while the kids were with us...
~ went to the park and hunted for deer after sneaking up on Anna and Aunt Kayla on the swings.
~ Were taught the importance of not taking candy from strangers unless an adult says it is ok!
~ Looked for Aunt Kayla for 10 minutes and finally finding her on top the dryer
~ Helped "Bop" fix about a million things around the house
~ Laughing at Anna's "SIKE" performance as she runs towards you and just before reaching you, as your arms are open wide for her, turns around
~ Made funny videos
~ Were demonstrated by Micah what "boring" is
~ Tried to break Anna's phobia of the bathtub
~ Went to eat at MOES

Over all, it was a great and educational visit with the kids. Even though we know them so well, being an aunt is much easier with mom doing all the work.

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  1. So after seeing this post i decided to try out the oreo cakesters...and now, i'm ADDICTED! so thanks - alot ;)


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