Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lots to Look Forward To

Since I'm due for a post, but nothing worth posting pictures has happened in the past week, I'm just going to blog about what's on my mind. This week my niece, Anna, and nephew, Micah are staying with my in-laws while their parents have a much needed vacation. I'm very excited about getting to spend time with them and pretty much act like a 3 year old, with an alibi. I'm sure I'll be posting stories and pictures of our adventures later.

I've also learned this week how much of a military wife I'm becoming. I helped my friend, Beth, with a few touches in the new house her fiance and her just bought. Even though he's staying there by himself until the wedding in July, she gets the fun job of decorating it, and even cleaning. We both realized how much pride we take in our homes as women and how much men
mostly don't care as much. However, it was also a bit eye opening to know that I'm going to be off to Alabama (the 4th place I've lived in since getting married in June '07) in just 3 months. Moving so much has definitely put a dent in my pack rat ways...if I didn't use it in the 7 months of living in the last place, then I might as well get rid of it because it's already been forgotten about and its one less thing to move.

With my husband being in the military, and constantly talking about flying helicopters and getting a motorcycle, I've learned that worrying is pretty much a waste of time. Granted, I would love to never have to live without my husband, (CAUTION: DEEP THOUGHT IN PROGRESS!!)but my God is bigger than him and no matter what happens, Christ has a plan and even though it might not seem like it at the time, it is good. Caleb has taken after his brothers in trying to make the women in their lives stunned, but I don 't think there is anything he could come up with that wouldn't surprise me at this point (and I think that kind of annoys him :)

Well, there's my thoughts for today. I'm leaving a funny picture of my friend and me goofing off in between feedings at work. What you say?! I have time to goof off at work?! Only between washing my hands and checking up on heart rate alarms :)

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