Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Favorite Things - Cleaning Edition

This is so easy to use.  I love that I can just squirt it right on the floor and run over it with a swiffer and the floor is shining. 

I use these everyday, multiple times a day.  I use them in the kitchen, bathroom, on toys, pretty much anything that's not wood.

I despise cleaning toilets, but it has to be done and scrubbing bubbles makes it mess free to have a clean toilet.

This stuff is tough and has gotten out every stain I have tried it on.

I also use the Oxy Magic on carpet and clothes.  I've only been able to find it at Publix and Lowes and usually get two or three bottles at a time because I love it so much.

Mr. Clean and I have more dates than my husband and I do.  I LOVE seeing dirt, crayon, stains etc disappear right before my eyes.  It makes me feel so accomplished!

I recently found the antibacterial Pledge and don't think I'll go back, at least not while I have kids at home.  I use it mostly on our kitchen table and Elana's high chair which is an old wooden chair that Caleb restained.  It just gives me peace of mind.

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