Thursday, February 20, 2014

Favorite Baby Items

I decided to list some of my favorite baby items and a couple that I wish I had.  

The Safe Sippy 2-in-1 Sippy to Straw Bottle

I don't really have a review on this one yet.  I just purchased it from Amazon.

So, these are pretty self explanatory and, in my opinion, priceless.  If you don't have kids, they could be somewhat of a nuisance, but for the peace of mind that they provide, I'm all for it. 

So, I don't actually own this...yet.  I'm still thinking about it.  My friend, Liz, actually mentioned how helpful something like this would be when our first kids were babies, and as I think back on last summer and the time I spent waiting for the car to cool down before Emmy would get in her car seat, I'm beginning to think the $7 investment might be worth it.

I love these mesh food feeders for babies.  There are actually a lot of versions on the market, but Emmy really loved them and Elana has tried it a couple of times and done well.

For the cute newborn onesies that baby only gets to wear a handful of times...  Onesie extenders.  Genius!

This is something I'd love but think it completely unnecessary!  I've always loved to bike and think the versatility is useful, but I'm not fond of the price tag.

I've seen this on pinterest before and looked into it.  Now that Elana is starting to eat more and I'm not a fan of nursing in public (I'm just not that good at it), this is a perfect alternative to feeding her on the run.

And, my most favorite baby item... The MobiCam, or any video monitor.  We didn't have one until Emmy turned two, but I won't ever go back.  I love that I can see if Elana is crying because she has flung the blanket over her head or because she is just fighting sleep, and I can talk to Emmalyn while she is in her room from the monitor.  Caleb even liked messing with Emmy before she realized we could see her, fun times. 

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