Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Love it/Shove it

~ Low humidity!!!  The weather has been so beautiful and surprisingly not as humid lately and it is wonderful!!!

~ The day time!  Working nights again makes me realize how much I took the daylight for granted.

~ Hy new bedroom fan!  I decided to try to save some money by keeping the air up a bit and using a fan near me while I sleep and I love it.  The extra noise is great and it really does keep me cool.  We'll see if it has any impact on the electricity bill.

~ Folding clothes. Ok, technology is a great thing.  We can wash/dry clothes and wash dishes while sleeping because of some awesome inventions, but when is there going to be something that folds my clothes for me?  I'll be surrounded by baskets of clean clothes before I decide to fold them...I"m even staring at a pile right now.

~ they're essential, but why do they have to be so big?

1 comment:

  1. When you find something that will fold the clothes for you let me know. I would find a way to pay thousands or millions if I had it.


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